Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012.19.244 - Kayak For A Cure

The blazing sun of the last week gave way to clouds this morning as Louise and I headed down to Willows Beach for this year's Kayak For A Cure. We were worried about conditions as we knew there would be a number of newbie and inexperienced paddlers taking part and higher winds were supposed to be blowing in later in the day. But the winds never arrived.
We hit the beach at Willows ready to paddle. The route was from Willows Beach to Cadboro Bay, a short paddle we've done numerous times, but usually we go from Cadboro to Willows and back. I don't think we've ever done it the other way.
IMG_1218 copy

After the pre-paddle ceremonies and safety talk....
...and the official portrait (taken by Gwen Ewart)...
....44 paddlers hit the water. Many were cancer survivors or cancer patients.
Louise and I have never paddled in a group this big. Herding kayakers makes herding cats look easy.

A little while later we hit the beach at Cadboro Bay where everyone abandoned their kayaks and headed straight to the washrooms.
IMGP0565 copy
Well, no, not really. But somehow I managed to get a shot of all the kayaks with no one in them.

Returning, everyone tried to raft up so a photographer on our accompanying safety boat could get some group shots. I go back to my earlier "herding cats" comment.
IMGP0571 copy

After the paddle, we joined our fellow kayakers for a barbecue lunch.

We didn't paddle just for the burgers, although they were really, really good.
We didn't paddle just to raise money, although this year's event raised over $21,000.

We paddled for Sam, Jaan and Bobby.

Trip Length: 7.11
YTD: 153.11 km
More pictures are here.
2012-09-09 copy

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