Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011.04.202 - Caddy Bay to Willows

The weatherman promised sunshine. He did. I swear he did. But a rainbow in the sky...
2011-03-06 Caddy to Willows_0012 copy
...means it's raining somewhere, that somewhere being on the road to the launch point at Cadboro Bay. Louise and I drove through a quick rainfall as we motored down McKenzie Avenue towards Sinclair Hill, cursing the weatherman and another of his broken promises. Sometimes I think that being a weatherman is an excellent training ground for becoming a politician.
So with big rainclouds being pushed around us by a north breeze...
2011-03-06 Caddy to Willows_0011
...we joined Paula to paddle out of the bay.

The sun was poking through the clouds in places...
2011-03-06 Caddy Bay to Willows_0151 copy
...and we were catching the currents just before the slack on an ebb, but once we were out of the bay and out by Jemmy Jones Island we decided not to cross to Chatham today. Louise has a nagging shoulder problem, I'm still dealing with a minor foot injury that won't go away, and the dark clouds and cool breeze all helped us decide on caution today.

We crossed back to the mainland, preparing to meander south along the coast down to Willows Beach, but as we finished the crossing, we heard a strange sound from one of the multi-million dollar houses along the shore. A terrible cry. Was a cat being strangled? No, it was someone playing the bagpipes. We couldn't see whomever was playing, but now we've been serenaded on the ocean by native drummers and a bagpiper. (And no, not at the same time.)
2011-03-06 Caddy Bay to Willows_0153 copy
The sailboats were out enjoying the breeze.
2011-03-06 Caddy Bay to Willows_0157 copy

At Willows, we went around Mary Tod Island and explored some of the nearby islets. We saw a few ducks and and a lot of noisy geese today, but the only wildlife I could really get a good photo of was of this seal. He doesn't look particularly impressed with my photographic abilities.
2011-03-06 Caddy to Willows_0021 copy

From there, we headed back to the beach where I heard a hot chocolate calling me from a nearby coffee shop!
2011-03-06 Caddy Bay to Willows_0163

Trip Length: 11.21 km
YTD: 33.41 km
More pictures are here.
2011-03-06 Caddy To Willows