Friday, September 7, 2012

2012.18.243 - Gorge@Dusk

Another warm late summer day here on the We(s)t Coast, but a change in the weather is coming, so Louise and I invited Paula to a dusk paddle on The Gorge tonight.

We launched at high tide slack. The Gorge was the smoothest we've ever seen it.

It was so calm that we paddled under the Tillicum Bridge, not something that can be done all the time. Often it's a bubbling rapid, but today it was flat and gentle.
IMG_1203 copy

We puttered up The Gorge towards Portage Inlet, past a heron looking for a late evening snack.
IMG_1207 copy

In Portage Inlet, the water was dead flat. The only other time we've seen it this flat was when it was frozen over.

We watched the sun go down, then we headed back.

Trip Length: 6.25
YTD: 146.00 km
More pictures are here.
2012-09-07 copy

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