Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013.04.248 - Babies on Parade

We haven't had much luck getting organized for paddling so far this year. But today was a beautiful sunny Sunday and Louise and I were able to squeeze in a quick paddle on our home waters of The Gorge today.

And here's the first picture taken with my new GoPro 3 that I got for my birthday present. Thanks everyone for chipping in to help me get it. (You know who you are.)

Actually, it wasn't the first picture taken with the GoPro. Indy was very curious it about when I first turned it on. The first picture is really this one:

Anyway, we put in and with the current approaching a low tide slack...
...we took a little spin on the normally fast-running waters under the Tillicum Bridge. Here we saw a seal head popping up now and then as it hunted for a fishy breakfast.
It can sometimes be total unpassable here as the inlet narrows, bottling up the water when the tide changes, creating thrashing white water and standing waves.

Heading back, we saw a heron taking advantage of all the fish being scared under the bridge by the seal. He wasn't going hungry.

We paddled across to check out what we call The Iron Man, a large sculpture on a dock. We were pleased to see that repairs had made to its wings that received some damage over the winter. We also spotted something else you don't see everyday....
... a heron with a mohawk.
He flew off and landed ahead of us and did some fishing, losing his hairdo as the water slicked her feathers back.
IMG_1512 copy

Further up The Gorge, we paddled by a gaggle of geese, including a few babies.
IMG_1520 copy
I've seen this movie! It's Jurassic Park!
IMG_1521 copy
A pair of swans is nesting nearby and daddy swan decided that the geese were a little to close to the nest. Obviously taking lessons from a cat, he made himself look big...
IMG_1524 copy
...and gave a goose...well, he gave the goose a goose. Mom swan appeared to be nesting nearby on the shore but there were no signs of any baby swans.
IMG_1529 copy

We approached Craigflower Bridge. Or what's left of it. Although many pilings remain, most of the roadbed is gone as the bridge is demolished to make way for a replacement.
IMG_1538 copy
The last remnants of the roadbed are behind Louise.
Two temporary crossing have been built while the bridge is being replaced: a temporary footbridge for pedestrians and a construction bridge. The project is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

We visited another pair of nesting swans. And this time we saw some babies.
IMG_1574 copy
IMG_1605 copy
Oh, they're so cute! Squee!

I snapped some pictures, and then we headed back...
...stopping only to admire the baby geese again.
IMG_1615 copy

Trip length: 6.20 km
YTD: 24.42 km
More pictures are here.