Friday, March 29, 2013

2013.03.247 - Sunny Day

The weather this March has not been great. Rainy, windy, generally blah days. But today it's 13 degrees and sunny, a gorgeous spring day, and a good Friday by any definition.
The sluggish start to our paddling year continues as Louise is struggling with some small joint aches and pains. But smiles come easy on a gorgeous day like this even if you aren't feeling one hundred percent.

Today we rolled our kayaks down the hill and hit the Gorge for a little paddle. Almost immediately, the local swans swam by to check us out.
IMG_1434 copy

We noticed last year that the top of what we call "Cormorant Tree" had broken off. We called it that because local cormorants would sit in the tree and spread their wings to dry them. This year, we see that they've moved to another tree to dry off in.
IMG_1416 copy

We moved up The Gorge and paddled under the Craigflower Bridge into Portage Inlet. Take a good look, this might be one of the last pictures you'll see of the bridge as construction of the replacement begins soon. The electrical wires have already been moved and traffic detours begin next week.

We paddled by the local swans....
...who nest here every year. Maybe we'll see some baby swans in a couple of months.
IMG_1442 copy

Of course, we aren't the only ones hoping to see some fluffy swan babies in the future.
IMG_1453 copy
But today the eagle seemed content to just enjoy the sun as we paddled by.

With the tide ebbing, we didn't get too far into the other half of the inlet as the inlet shallowed out and we scraped the sandy bottom. So we turned around and let the current take us back.

Trip length: 6.82 km
YTD: 18.22 km
More pictures are here.