Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013.09.253 - Kayak for a Cure 2013

Louise and I hit Willows Beach early this morning to join the 2013 edition of Kayak For A Cure. About 50 kayakers by my guess hit the water, some old hands at kayaking, but others were first-time newbies, and many were cancer survivors so it's a short, easy paddle to Cadboro Bay and back.

But first things first. And first I get my picture taken with Marty the Marmot, the hardest working marmot in show business.
IMG_1943 copy

But when our thoughts turned to kayaking, conditions were beautiful on the beach...
IMG_1920 copy
...but there were some big thick clouds of fog here and there offshore and down towards the south.

Soon, we were off. Herding cats is probably easier.
IMGP0185 copy

I wasn't expecting to see much in the way of wildlife today, the wildlife generally hides when a fleet, is in the water, but a heron kept watch as we paddled by.
IMG_1954 copy

We rounded Cattle Point...
...and into Cadboro Bay...
IMGP0194 copy
...where Paula paddled out to briefly join us.
IMGP0197 copy

A quick stop under wispy fog at Cadboro Bay beach...
IMGP0201 copy
...and then we returned to Willows Beach...
IMGP0204 copy
...for munchies.

Donations received from the Victoria event go towards the local InspireHealth Integrated Cancer Care centre, and today we raised over $22,000.
It's not too late to help -- you can still donate by clicking here.

In support of Bobby, Ann, and Karen.
In memory of Pauline, Jaan, and Sam.

Trip length: 6.98 km
YTD: 48.64 km
More pictures are here.