Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013.01.245 - A Slow Start

We almost started off the kayaking year last Sunday morning, but two things stopped us. One, Louise had a slight ankle injury and wanted to rest it for a day or two, and two, the weather at our proposed launch time was -2, cloudy and breezy. For some reason, relaxing on the couch in our pajamas enjoying scrambled eggs while three furry cats snuggled up to us seemed liked a much better idea than being out on the cold Gorge in below-zero temps cracking through the ice like little icebreakers.
Yes, we're wimpy kayakers. We've told you that before.
But we could find no excuses to not kayak today, especially when the conditions at launch time were expected to be sunny and warming up quickly. Louise and I dragged the kayaks down to Cadboro Bay for a quick paddle around the bay to get our sea legs back after our long lay off. Paula was supposed to join us, but she was not to be seen on the beach.
Look at that sunshine! Sure looks warm, doesn't it? As it turned out the weathermen underestimated the cool breeze blowing in and how long it would take the cloud to burn off.
We bundled up, and the cool morning gave Louise a chance to try her new Hot Shot paddling gloves, which she liked a lot. On the other hand, I somehow managed to bring two right-handed gloves which made for an, um, interesting fit on my left hand.

Off we paddled, puttering along the south shore of Ten Mile Point.
IMG_1266 copy

Louise paddled past some geese that were not the least bit interested in us...
IMG_1267 copy we moved into Sheep Cove.

A pair of merganser ducks watched us paddle by.
IMG_1286 copy

We paddled past the expensive homes and wondered why you would want a home with a multi-million dollar view, only to keep all your blinds closed.
IMGP0053 copy

We returned along the far side of Flower Island....
IMGP0051 copy
...and discovered we weren't the only people out on the water today.

Another merganser was hanging out with some harlequin ducks...
IMG_1292 copy
...while a black and white goose stood guard.
IMG_1296 copy

Heading back to the beach, we saw Mike Jackson and some friends heading out for a paddle around Discovery Island.
Then we saw Paula padding towards us in the little green play boat she acquired last year. (Or did she steal it from Mike? After all, his name is all over it.)
Paddle number one for the year is in the books!

Trip length: 4.19 km
YTD: 4.19 km
More pictures are here.
2013-01-20 Caddy Bay