Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010.27.196 - Switching to Glide

Cadboro Bay Beach
Today was a rare mid-week paddle as Louise, Paula and I met at Cadboro Bay Beach to kayak out to Chatham Island.

Although somewhat overcast and rainfall warnings out for various spots along the coast, we had totally calm conditions. A higher than normal tide had come in and was going to be hanging around for most of the day.
And oddly, even though it was cloudy and hazy, the conditions allowed us the rare treat of seeing all three mainland mountain ranges (The Cascades, The Olympics, and the Coast Range), and two volcanoes. Mount Baker was plainly visible as it often is...
IMG_0625 copy
...but towards the south-east we could barely make out the cone of Mount Rainier about 200 km away.
We paddled out along Ten Mile Point...
IMGP0513 copy
...and out towards Jemmy Jones Island...
...where this eagle watched over our journey.
IMG_0619 copy

As we crossed from Jemmy Jones to Chatham, a couple of Navy ships crossed our path, first the HMCS Cougar...
IMG_0627 copy
...followed a few minutes later by the HMCS Moose.
IMG_0631 copy
These are Orca-class patrol vessels generally used for training and support surveillance. (Destroy these pictures right away, just in case Homeland Security comes knocking.)

At Chatham, we cruised down a channel and quickly discovered where all the seals were hiding.
Even if there isn't much current out in the open water like today, there's always some between the islands that make up the Chatham/Discovery group. We just pulled out our paddles and glided by the seals resting on the small rock outcroppings.
IMG_0646 copy
IMG_0651 copy

After puttering around Chatham...
IMGP0538 copy
...we crossed to the Chain Islands....
IMGP0546 copy
...where we found more seals...
IMGP0551 copy
IMG_0659 copy
...then reluctantly headed back to shore.

Trip Length: 12.45 km
YTD: 220.08 km
More pictures are here.
2010-10-12 Chatham to Chains