Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009.17.148 - Summer Breeze

2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 001
I arrived at the Cadboro Bay parking lot to see a lot of kayaks slowly being unloaded. And even though it was warm and sunny, it was unexpectedly breezy. The wind was forecast to come up in the afternoon, but it had obviously come in earlier than expected. Paula and Tracy arrived, also caught a little surprised by the breeze.

2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 027
Louise and Bernie didn't join us today; Louise has caught a summer cold, and Bernie was sleeping off a three day hike on the Juan de Fuca Trail.

We launched and headed out. We'd been hoping for a quick crossing out to Chatham Island, but the closer we got to open water, the less that option seemed likely. The wind and waves were picking up, and so there's not a lot of pictures today, too much paddling instead!
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 030

We took shelter for a moment in the channel between Ten Mile Point and Flower Island. There were breakers in the channel. Okay, so the breakers were only a foot high, but you just don't get breakers in that channel! We decided to continue along the shore but then Paula's inner ear went wonky, so we thought we'd better head back to the beach. As we approached our take-out, Paula's ear improved, and we saw the southern shore of the bay was actually quite calm and protected from the wind, so instead of putting in, we continued around the bay towards the marina where we found a couple of herons looking for breakfast.
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 016
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 020

We continued through the rocks...
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 042
...where we found this gentleman taking his new Capella 163 for its inaugural paddle.
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 054

Eventually we headed in, passing some others who would appreciate the breeze a little more than us.
2009-06-014 Cadboro Bay 055

2009-06-14 Cadboro Bay

Trip length: 8.18 km
YTD: 134.75
My pictures are here.

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