Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009.16.147 - A Quickie on Telegraph Bay

It's another beautiful day in paradise here on The We(s)t Coast, and there's no better way to spend part of the weekend than kayaking on the calm waters of Telegraph Bay. Louise, Paula and I planned for an early morning launch and we were pleasantly surprised when Tracy made another unexpected appearance to kayak with us.
We weren't the only ones out early this morning. Three families of geese were also on the beach. I haven't seen as many goslings before as I have this year. We're practically being overrun with them. Well, no, not really. But last year I think I saw one gosling while this year I've given up counting. Maybe I'm just going to all the good spots this year.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 040
The geese launched at the same time we did.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 044

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked today as I was distracted by a wonky GPS that had suddenly decided that there were no satellites in the sky for it to lock on to. According to it, some sort of giant space disaster involving a massive EM pulse which knocked out all the world's satellites must have occurred. But I think I would have read something in the papers about a giant space disaster.
Anyway, we headed up the coast...
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 030
..towards the cave.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 009
Tracy had never seen the cave before.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 011

As we headed back, this gull watched us warily.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 015

We passed the geese one last time, then the paddle was over. Now the weekend is over, and it's back to reality. Sigh.
2009-06-07 Telegraph Bay 061

Trip length: 8.68 km
YTD: 126.57
My pictures are here.

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