Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008.32.125 - The Chapel is Open

This morning was gorgeous: bright, sunny, warm. Winter may be inexorably drawing nearer, but today felt more like a summer day as the sun's warm rays and the clear blue skies made for a perfect paddle day as Louise, Paula and myself put in at Thetis Lake for an early morning paddle and some practice.
They don't call it "Sun" day for nothing.
thetis pano

We headed out for our paddle, with Paula leading the way in her inflatable...

...and Louise and I followed behind.

It was just perfect on the lake. Flat and glassy as a mist came up.

I'm not much for organized religion, and a quiet paddle like this on a beautiful Sunday morning is as close as I'll ever get to whatever gods may or may not be out there. As Paula said as the light streamed down around her, "The chapel is open."

After our paddle, we practiced near the beach at our launch point. This was a good chance for us to do wet exits, re-entries, and take the obligatory embarrassing pictures of fat neoprene-covered asses crawling awkwardly into their kayaks.

My fat neoprene-covered ass went first.

This was the first time for Louise and I to try re-entries in our new kayaks. One thing I discovered is that this boat sits a little higher in the water then my old boat, making it a little harder to climb in.

But I did it. And so did Louise.

Another great paddle!

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