Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008.28.121 - Seeing Red

It's hard to believe that some of us have been off the water for over a month. And in the middle of mostly sunny summer weather, no less! As the old saying goes, life happens.
There were family get-togethers, injuries, work obligations, and a weekend of bad weather that fouled-up paddling plans for the last few weeks. But now the weather's great, we've quit our jobs, the injuries have healed, and we've divorced our families, so now we are back in the paddle again.
And it's not like we ignored kayaking during the layoff. Far from it. Both Louise and I ordered new kayaks from the good folks at Ocean River, and they arrived yesterday.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 004
Louise bought a Delta Seventeen Sport (on the right). It's promises to be a little more edgier and playful than her old Fourteen5.
I went with the Delta Eighteen5 Expedition (on the left). The cockpit is a little bit roomier for my legs, which I like, yet still fits good in the hip area. It tracks nicely and goes quick, too.

Louise launches her new boat for the first time.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 030

We were joined by Paula (in Commando Mode) for an inauspicious first paddle into Portage Inlet, then down The Gorge.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 035

It's was a gorgeous day for paddling, and other people clearly had the same idea. Only moments after putting in, Richard and a friend paddled by us. They put in somewhere down the other end of The Gorge and had had to portage over the Tillicum rapids.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 042
They were going to head up Colquitz Creek, while we were going the far side of the Inlet to look for more jelly goobie egg sack thingies. So after we paddled together for a while, they went right, and we went left.

We headed around the point into egg sack country.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 049

We finally found more of the egg sacks. We thought about trying to get one and open it up, but it seemed too dangerous. (We all know what happened to John Hurt when he tried.)
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 067
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 064

Every other time I've been here, I've never managed to get a picture of the train...until today.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 015

We saw the swans again. It looks like they are the darlings of the Inlet. This gentleman stopped his Sunday chores to sit on his dock and feed them.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 019

We paddled back past our starting point and down The Gorge where the geese were plentiful....
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 083 plentiful that they were guarding the beach preventing us from landing.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 101

The obligatory goose porn shot.
2008-09-14 Gorge Portage 022

Trip length: 6.92 k
John's photo's are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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