Sunday, July 22, 2007

2007.16.80 - Thetis Lake Paddle Fun Day

We've had four days of cloudy and rainy days no doubt due to my having four days off. I'm sure when I go back to work on Tuesday, the sun will be shining and it will be a warm and wonderful day. But today was cloudy though the rain held off, so we're off to Thetis Lake.

Bernie make fire....and sausages....

...and Alison, Paula and Louise enjoy breakfast.

The distraction of a hot breakfast on the beach allowed me a chance to get on the water first. (I've never been distracted by food. Really.)

As we headed out, there were a lot of swimmers in the water. "It's sad," Bernie noted, "that some people just can't afford kayaks."

We found some lilies.

We had a nice quiet paddle around the lake.
Across the Lake

Bernie thought he saw a turtle swimming underwater. I saw a glimpse of a mink or an otter. We also saw some turtles on the same log that we did last year. But this time, the turtles scrambled into the water long before we got within camera range. We also fished a few pop and beer cans out of the water, but I found the strangest item of all under the water: a purse with a rock in it. Clearly someone didn't want it found, and a trip to the local police to turn it in after our paddle was added to the agenda.

When we got back to shore, we were met by the Keetley Krew: Leslie, Darren, Thomas and Jeffrey.

Leslie decided to embark on her own personal Paddlefest. Here, she tries Louise's boat.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey found a way to get rid of his brother. And Bernie.

Later, Jeffrey got rid of his body and became just a floating head.

Then Leslie headed out in Bernie's boat....

....and then she tried Alison's boat. She tried every boat on the beach, including some that didn't belong to us. But I won't include any pictures of that -- I don't want to embarrass her.

She would have tried Paula's boat, but Paula was practicing a two-person rescue with me.

Another fun and wet day.

My photos are here.

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