Sunday, July 1, 2007

2007.14.78 - Canada Day Paddle

A bright and sunny Canada Day morning greeted us as we put in at Willows Beach for a paddle out to the Chain Islands.

It was Tracy, Paula, Louise, Bernie and myself today. We enjoyed our paddle through the Chain Islands on the way to Discovery Island last week that we decided to visit the Chain Islands again and putter around all the islets.

The ladies set the pace....

...while Bernie and I lagged behind...

...and behind us, this ferry boat crossed our wake. None of us have ever heard of this ferry, the Victoria Express, and we were a bit surprised that it came this close to the shore. And look at the wake it's kicking up! Good thing that it's behind us and we don't have to cross it!

Oh wait, it's heading towards us! Bernie and I had two different reactions. He decided to try and outrun it (and maybe even surf it), while I decided to face it and ride it out. I don't think either of us had faced a wave this high before.
Paddle, Bernie! It's Gaining!

Here it comes!

Needless to say, we survived. In fact, my boat rode the waves so well that I didn't even get a drop of water on my deck. By the time it got to Louise, Paula and Tracy, the wake wave had become a lot less threatening. Soon we were in the Chains.

The eagles didn't seem to be around today like they were last week, and I guess the seagulls were happy about that.

But there was still the occasional eagle watching our little party exploring.

Bernie headed up a little channel and found something interesting...
Gather round, Bernie's Found Something

... a sea cucumber.
What Bernie Found

And, too soon, it was time to head back.

My photos are here.

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