Sunday, March 26, 2006

2006.11.26 - Elk Lake

Today, we returned to Elk Lake for a cold and windy paddle. Unlike the last couple of weeks where we were taking layers off, some of us were adding layers as the paddle went on. (Pay attention to Louise's clothes as the pictures progress.)

Here's Louise, fresh in the water and ready to rock. Paula and Bernie were a little late, so Louise and I had the lake to ourselves for a while. (And Dennis and Alison didn't show at all -- the wimps!)

The lake was windy and choppy. Small squalls were blowling through.

The plan was for a paddle, then some wet exit practise. In this picture, I've just felt the temperature of the water and I'm clearly looking forward to dunking myself.

Here's Paula getting into her kayak. She was obviously having some sort of trouble. I did notice that her middle finger kept going into spasm. Everytime I pointed the camera at her, it extended.

As you can see, Louise is now bundled up like a big pink fluffy big pink something or other. Anyway, now we were ready to start our paddle!

Then my camera batteries died. :(

My pictures are here.

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