Sunday, March 12, 2006

2006.09.24 - Lower Gorge

Today's paddle was the lower Gorge.
Paula used her new kayak. What a proud mama.

We put in at Songhees where we did our harbour paddle a few weeks ago, but instead of heading south into the harbour, we turned north and went up the Gorge.

Somebody wipe that grin off Paula's face! :)

There was a couple of big slowpokes in our way. But they soon made way when they saw that there were kayakers closing in at ramming speed!

Bernie going under the Johnson Street Bridge.
Bernie Under the Bridge

Louise still thinks there might be hope for the rest of us.

Hey, this ain't a bad picture for pointing the camera over my shoulder and not aiming, eh?

A seal followed us the whole way down the Gorge. Finally he decided to say hello...
... and goodbye.

Nice house. I bet it's got at least three bathrooms.
Do You Wanna Buy a Condo...?

And a good time was had by all!

More pictures are here.

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