Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012.05.230 - Bopping 'Bout the Bay


It was of those kinds of paddles, where frequently changing forecasts caused plans to change daily almost up until the time that Louise, Paula and I hit the beach at Cadboro Bay. We knew we were going to get a bit of a breeze today, and we decided to stick close to the south shore of the bay while we checked out the conditions.
We quickly determined that this direction was more work than fun. I love my kayak, but sometimes it is a pig to turn when facing into the wind, and today was one of those days when the wind was blowing in whatever direction was most inconvenient at any particular moment.
So after checking out some of the wrecked boats on the beach from the winter storms (like this one that has been sitting here since last November)....
...and we crossed back to hug the Northern shore and hopefully get some shelter from the breeze.

Here, we gained a respite from the wind and we travelled along the shore, admiring the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Louise spotted a pair of otters cavorting near the shore.
We floated by and watched them frolic. Finally, they noticed us and headed up onto shore.

A heron distracted us.

Then it was back to the beach. And warm drinks!

Trip Length: 5.10 km
YTD: 36.96 km
More pictures are here.

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