Monday, August 2, 2010

2010.19.188 - Abort

2010-08-02 Telegraph Bay 001
So today's plan was for Paula, Louise and myself to head out from Telegraph Bay and go north-west-ish towards Mount Douglas Park. It was a partly cloudy day and the water was calm with occasional light swells. No sooner had we hit the water than Louise's stomach started doing the heebie-jeebies and she needed to head to shore.
She was utterly embarrassed (and needlessly so), as we had just been out in much bigger swells and rougher water just a couple of weeks ago, but there is something new about the motion of the water in this area which has started setting off nausea in her every time we've paddled here this year.
After retreating to shore, we tried again a few minutes later, but Louise's stomach lurched again and as much as she enjoyed her breakfast the first time, she didn't care for a repeat performance of it. So we retreated back to shore, and that was that.
Well, almost that. While Louise rested near the beach, Paula and I quickly zipped around the point for a short paddle, where I managed to snap some seal photos.
Better luck next week!
2010-08-02 Telegraph Bay 022
2010-08-02 Telegraph Bay 014 copy

Trip Length: 3.88 km
YTD: 126.65 km
More pictures are here.
2010-08-02 Telegraph Bay

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