Friday, July 31, 2009

2009.26.157 - Plan R

The plan was to put in at Patricia Bay Park and kayak towards the north end of Saanich Peninsula. That was the plan.
But we had never put in here before and when we arrived we found that the tide was waaaaaay out further than we'd anticipated, and the path to the beach, though paved, was not particularly kayaker friendly.
Now, a lesson on the difference between theoretical and practical. Yes, theoretically it was possible for us to carry our kayaks down the couple of hundred metres of path to the steep and rocky stairs, carry our kayaks down those stairs, and then carry our kayaks over more hundreds of metres of squooshy tidal flats to get the ocean and launch. But practically, we're pretty lazy.
Thus endeth the lesson.
2009-07-31 Sidney 050
Louise, Alison and I all shared the same lack of enthusiasm for launching here, so we huddled to form Plan B. (Actually, it was more like Plan R by the time we agreed, but why bore you with the details of the negotiations.)
2009-07-31 Sidney 049
One good thing about this spot is that we were right under the landing approach for the main runway at Victoria airport. So if you like jet planes whizzing over your head, this is the place to be.
2009-07-31 Sidney 043 copy
2009-07-31 Sidney 044

On to Plan R, er, Plan B. We decided to launch from Tulista Park in Sidney. From there, we would head south down the coast and explore an area we hadn't kayaked before.
Sidny pano

We headed out under another sunny and warm day. The monster heat wave we've suffered through over the last week has eased off some, and the temperatures are down to more normal levels. (However, if you've grown accustomed to my complaints about the heat and worry that they might be gone for good, there is hope for you. The current long-range forecast shows the heat returning in about 12 days.)
2009-07-31 Sidney 020

The usual assortment of critters were out: herons...
2009-07-31 Sidney 064
...more herons...
2009-07-31 Sidney 080 copy
and the occasional eagle.
2009-07-31 Sidney 079

We paddled against the flooding tide and the wind, but the wind would disappear for extended periods which allowed us to enjoy a few moments on an almost flat sea.
2009-07-31 Sidney 012

Eventually we had to turn around and the trip back turned into a bit of fun. With the current and wind behind us, our speed picked up and as we approached our landing site back at the park, we got into some really bouncy water.
2009-07-31 Sidney 016

It was a great paddle, the kind that would put a smile on anyone's face!
2009-07-31 Sidney 024 copy

2009-07-31 Sidney

Trip Length: 9.63 km
YTD: 201.73 km
More pics are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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