Monday, April 6, 2009

2009.04.135 - No Line on the Horizon

We hit the rocky beach at Telegraph Bay early on Monday, hoping that the wind would not be quite as strong as yesterday. Today we're going for a three-fer -- three paddles in three days. While it was a bit breezy on our arrival, by the time we got in the water the wind was gone and we were in a flat calm. The sun quickly burned off the the thin cloud cover and we were in paddling heaven. Another perfect day on The We(s)t Coast. I'm almost starting to be convinced that winter just might be over.

But before we even started, something caught our eye on the beach. The seagulls were enjoying a meal.
Paula decided to investigate...
...and discovered that the gulls were feasting on a halibut. It was impossible for us to guess its size (there wasn't much left) but we guessed that it must have been dragged up here by a large seal, or the resident area sea lion. It certainly wasn't something the seagulls would have caught!

It was just the three of us today -- Paula in her pink Necky Eliza and Louise and I in our red Deltas.

It was just gorgeous on the water -- dead flat, no wind. You couldn't ask for better conditions.

Long-time readers of this blog will recall that every time we paddle here, we pass by one specific tree that always has an eagle in it. And today was no exception.

We saw a few eagles flying around, and a number of otters scrambling along the rocky shore and one that was happily swimming along.
We found the little cave and had a look around.

We carried on around the point. These rocks are usually covered in seals, but this time of year they are off some place else a little more private making baby seals. So the birds took over the rocks, and here we found a flock of sand pipers enjoying the day.

Too soon, it was time to head back.
No Line on the Horizon

Telegraph Bay 2009-04-06

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YTD: 23.77
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