Monday, June 11, 2007

2007.10.74 - Early Morning Rain

It was just Louise and myself yesterday, as the rest of The Usual Gang have previous commitments. It looked like a pretty iffy day, cloudy and threatening rain, but we decided to give it a go.
Cloudy Day

We puttered around the Willows Beach area. We paddled around Mary Tod Island and the other small islands in the area.

We explored a kelp bed. Mmmm...kelp.

A seagull was enjoying a crab for brunch.

We drifted by some seals.

We followed this eagle for a while. He was not very popular as seagulls and other birds kept dive-bombing and harassing him. We thought that he must have been enjoying some bird eggs for breakfast.

We followed him to a second rock, where he was still being pestered by other birds. We wondered what the seals were making of all the fuss.
How's this for a lensful of nature? Seagulls, seals and an eagle... all in one shot.
Seagulls, Seals and Eagles - oh my!

He didn't seem the least bothered by us. So I moved in a little closer.
And there I was -- six metres from a bald eagle. My film camera with my big zoom lens ran out of film, and both my digital cameras ran out of batteries. *sigh*
King of the Hill

My pictures are here.

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