Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008.13.106 - Paddling Come Rain or, er, Rain

We knew that the rain was coming. A front was going to pass through sometime around noon and bring with it some showers, so we weren't sure how long a paddle we were going to get before the rain. But we decided to go for it. We're kayakers, after all -- we dress to get wet.
So under cloudy skies, we put in at Telegraph Bay. It was Louise, Alison, Paula and myself today.
Telegraph Bay

I'm using a new piece of gear for my deck camera. I've been using a Sticky Pod suction cup to mount my deck cam onto my boat and it mostly works pretty well, but it does have its drawbacks. It's really meant for a flat surface and of course kayaks aren't flat, so you've really got to find the sweet spot on the deck where it will stick, otherwise your camera goes swimming. Also, after a few hours the Sticky Pad does have a tendency to pop off. So I was thinking what I needed was something that was curved, yet has a flat top to mount a camera on. As it happened, I was surfing the online MEC catalogue and saw they had these things on clearance. This is actually the attaching stand for a kayak sail, but it works great as a camera mount, and all the hardware from the Sticky Pod fits it perfectly. There have been some rough water days that I haven't bothered with the deck camera, because I knew it was going to get swept off, but this should be nice and steady on those days.
Picture 323

Before we even got in the boats and started paddling, I was taking pictures. An otter swam by, and although I tried I never got a good shot of him. But there was a heron who was watching us launch.
Picture 360

Soon we were off and on our way. Every time we paddle here, we pass this tree and there's always an eagle in it. Today was no exception.
Picture 362

We were supposed to be paddling against a slight ebbing current, and if there was a current, it was very slight indeed. The water was calm and flat, and the rain seemed to be holding off. We proceeded west towards Mount Douglas Park.
Picture 111

We paddled into a small cove behind Queen Alexandria Hospital. We've never poked around in it before, but today seemed like a good day to noodle between the rocks. It was a good thing we went in, because we saw this heron doing a little fishing.
Picture 389
Picture 379

We continued on under the gaze of some deer. There were three of them looking down on us as they calmly enjoyed Sunday brunch.
Picture 397

After we passed the deer, we played in the cave.
Picture 336

Well, we call it a cave, but really it's a very small rocky cove. But it's a fun little place to poke around in.
Picture 345

We headed back, and again passed under the watchful eyes of the deer.
Picture 407

Finally, the rain hit. We also caught a couple of wakes to play in on the way back to end a great paddle.
Picture 283

Telegraph Bay
Trip length: 8.5 km

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