Monday, November 5, 2007

2007.27.91 - The Wind on the Willows

We couldn't get the gang together for a large paddle this weekend. Alison and Paula had a glorious day on the water yesterday for a long paddle from Cadboro Bay to Island View Beach. They said the water was a sheet of glass. Alison took lots of pictures and put up a paddle report here.
Louise and I were able to paddle today and we headed to Willows Beach.

While we still had a beautiful day....
Follow the Sun

...we didn't get the flat water that Alison and Paula had yesterday.

I'd hope to go out to some of the islands, maybe the Chain group, and try out my new camera on the birds and seals out there. But it was not to be as the wind was up and Louise's stomach was doing the heebie-jeebies. (That is a real technical medical term, by the way.)

So we stuck close to shore and we paddled towards Cadboro Bay. Here a cormorant keeps watch over us.

Even close to shore, the winds were kicking up some waves....

...but on the way back, the wind died off for a few minutes and we enjoyed some of the calm water that we missed yesterday.

Like these fellows, we enjoyed a fine couple of hours on the water.

My photos are here.

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