Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007.20.84 - Brentwood Bay

We expected a sunny but windy day according to the weather forecasts, but we got neither. Instead we got a partly overcast but relatively calm day.
At lease it wasn't raining.
It was a big crowd today: Dennis, Alison, Paula, Patricia, Louise, Greg...

...and myself, of course.
Paula brought her little inflatable today -- she's hoping her new Eliza will be in next week.

We put in at The Usual Spot beside the Brentwood Bay Ferry terminal and headed out.
Kayaking Brentwood Bay I

We decided on a nice quiet paddle into Tod Inlet. After the rough waters on our last couple of paddles, a calm paddle seemed like a nice change of pace.
We made our way across the Bay towards the Inlet and past this big boat.

We meandered down the Inlet...

...past some old pilings...

...past the moored yachts...
IMGP5718 the end of the Inlet.

I found a heron enjoying a late brunch.

I took a bunch of pictures of this fella. I can't wait to take in the film from my film camera to see what developed. (See? I told you there would be more bad jokes.)

We crossed back to Brentwood Bay, and we caught a little wake from something. This was a few seconds of fun!

We didn't feel like quitting yet, so we went north of Brentwood Bay for a bit.

As we were paddling an otter popped up right in front of me. He was so intent on eating something that he didn't notice me at first. But he suddenly gave a start and slipped under the waves.

Dennis gets a piece of the rock.

I followed Dennis around the rocks and came across the biggest heron I've seen. This guy seemed like he was six feet tall (that's two metres if you're using that new-fangled metric system).
He didn't hang around long so I didn't get many pictures of him.

Dennis is much too relaxed.

Before we headed back, we heard drumming and singing. A local First Nations band seemed to be having some sort of ceremony. We couldn't see anything -- we weren't even sure if they were inside or outside. But the sounds were carrying across the water. The drumming built up very loudly at some points. It was pretty cool to listen to.
Louise cut me off as we headed back.

And another great paddle ends.

My pictures are here.

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