Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007.04.68 - Windy on the Willows

Time to test some new gear. This is a Sticky Pod, a suction cup camera mount. It's meant for cars, but it'll work just as well on a kayak. The idea here was to set my camera to interval shooting, a picture every twenty seconds.

Here is the Sticky Pod in action. Louise, Paula and I headed out for a little paddle around Willows Beach. It started out nice, but turned windy and choppy. Louise had a sore arm (ha! finally some one else has a sore arm!), so we didn't stay out long.

Here's the picture it took.
A Nice Day at Willows Beach

It took about 160 pictures. Most of them looked like this.

... but I did get a few nice shots.

Mind you, because the weather turned rough, about 100 of the pictures have big water spots on them and look like this.

Then again, it's a pretty cool effect. (For some reason I suddenly have the urge to get mellow and listen to Dark Side of the Moon.)

But we still had a good paddle!

My pictures are here.

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