Thursday, August 17, 2006

2006.37.52 - Mid-Week Paddle

Last night Louise and I were joined for a mid-week paddle at Elk Lake by her brother Garnon...
...and sister-in-law Isabelle.

You can see how small their inflatable Skedaddles are compared to Louise's Delta. Mind you, they turn on a dime and give six cents change.

They live on Coles Bay and wanted something to paddle in the bay. They ended up buying a pair of Skedaddles just like Paula's (see here).

So we headed down the lake looking for nature and found some. I think this is the same heron we saw here last month. It's in exactly the same spot.

Time to head back. Garnon spent the return trip talking to himself, something about trying to figure whether they would do a lot of paddling if they got better kayaks. Have two more come over to the Dark Side? Only time will tell!

Paddling into the sunset.

My photos are here.

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