Sunday, July 2, 2006

2006.28.43 - Telegraph Bay

This Sunday saw a small group of us at Telegraph Bay, on the north side of Ten Mile Point. It's a little more open here than nearby Cadboro Bay and the water was a little choppy, and we faced another bout of the fog. It wasn't as thick as the last time we encountered it, but sticking close to shore and to each other was the order of the day.
And away we go! Paula and Alison head out...
...and Louise follows. You can see that the fog is casting an eerie pall over everything.

For the man who has everything (including a small penis): your own private helicopter.

A heron watched us drift by.

Paula plays in the rocks.

More of the eerie fog.

We found a cave. It looks like we could get in there and paddle about a bit, but it was too choppy today to risk trying it.

We pulled into a small cove to rest for a moment before turning around. Then we saw a deer on the beach...
...except it wasn't just one deer, it was two. Mom and a very young baby. We guessed it was only a couple of days old. Maybe only a few hours. We even watched the baby nurse.
Deer and Baby
Deer and Baby

And as we watched the deer, I glanced to my right and --Holy Nature, Batman!-- there was a baby seal on the rocks!
In terms of action, the baby seal was pretty uninteresting. He took a quick look at us, then went back to his nap. But it was pretty cool -- my eyes kept going from the seal to the deer and back again. They were practically beside each other.

The Mysterious Island! Maybe there's a giant ape hiding on it!

Oh, yeah. There were eagles, too. But eagles are starting to get a little ho-hum for us.
Okay, just kidding. Eagles are never ho-hum.

Time to head back! Another excellent ride!
Wait for Me

My photos are here.

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